3 Things to Do with Freezing Pipes


Abst: Assume this scene, when you waking up in the morning and only to find that there is no water flow out of the faucet, really scared and annoyed, right?

However, this condition can frequently occur in winters which means that your pipes have already frozen. Besides, once the pipes freeze, you are not only face the problem of lacking water, but also the potential of burst pipes which may damage your entire home, causing a large amount of repairing payments. Therefore, in order to ease or avoid this problem, you have to equip yourself with some freezing pipe treating methods.

The following are some simple ways you can follow to get the pipes working again and avoid major damages when you find your pipes were froze.

First of all, you need to open the faucets. Go to every faucet that won’t work and turn it on. It doesn’t have to be on full blast, but just enough so that water could trickle out. You may wonder, the pipes are froze, how could water come out? Indeed, nothing will come out, but turning the faucet on is extremely important in the process of thawing them. When you get the pipe warm and the ice defrosts, steam will be released. If the faucets are opened, the steam can escape safely. On the other hand, if they’re not, the steam stays in the pipe, it will creates a huge amount of internal pressure. This is what usually causes the pipes to burst and break. Then, if this happens, you will get flood which can destroy floors and walls, lead to mold growth, and cause other pipes to break. Therefore, you must make sure the faucet are opened before you do anything else.

Next, turn off the main water valve if it is possible. In some cases, this is not possible, but if you can, turn off the main valve which will also help with the pressure in the pipes.

Then, you can warm the pipes. Always remember never use a blow torch on the pipes. Or you can damage the pipes and make a huge mess. Actually, you should turn up the heat in the house, this will help a great deal. In general, space heaters ans heat lamps work well but you run the risk of any leaks causing problems with the electric heaters. Also, you need a bucket to get all leaked water. To some extent, the best way, though it’s messy, is to use hot water. Wrap heavy towels around the pipes and hold the hot water against it. Pour the hot water on the towels. And use a bucked underneath to catch the excess water. More information please click