Foam Pipe Insulation - Solution for Your Pipe



Generally, water puddles on your basement floor is very common among houses with sweating pipes. Truly, this dilemma is shared by almost all homeowners in the state, even in and out of the country. For one thing, sweating pipes destroy our furniture. For another, water puddles are the culprit behind slippery floors that are considered unsafe for our family members. These are just a few reasons why this sweating pipe problem must be resolved immediately.

Let us get to the root of the problem. Why do pipes sweat? Yes, like human beings, pipes sweat too, even though they are non-living things. Sweating pipes are different from leaking pipes since the latter will give you bigger puddles of water. Also, you can hear water dropping every tow to three seconds if your pipe has leaks.

In the case of sweating pipes, there is condensation on almost all of the pipes you are seeing. Blame it to the humidity of the basement, reacting with the cold water inside the pipe. This case is similar with a glass of iced-cold water; with the glass sweating due to condensation.

What is the solution? The answer to this dilemma is to install foam pipe insulation as soon as possible.

If you will go to a non-commercial insulation market, you can probably find some foam insulations that fit the pipes that are common in the basement of residential areas. The insulations come in varying thickness: 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch or 1 inch. If you plan to install the insulation on your own, it is also advisable to purchase spray foam insulation kits for the areas that are impossible to reach.

If you have purchased your insulation kits, then you are so ready to install these by yourself. Aside from the knife which is sometimes included in these kits, you also need goggles that will protect your eyes and a battery-powered lamp since you need to temporarily shut down your electrical supply.

Make sure that you also have a durable ladder that will not move while you're stepping on it. Also, be careful while walking inside your dim-lit basement if you don't want to step on something dangerous. Wear rubber gloves and rubber boots so you will not get electrocuted (just in case you forgot to turn off your electrical supply) and slip once you step on the wet floor. Or better yet, wipe those water puddles before starting the task.

To install the foam pipe insulation you have purchased, you need to cut it lengthwise and insert only on the parts of the pipe that are sweating. It would be impractical to cover all of the pipes with insulation if only a few of the sections are sweating. And don't forget that spray foam for those areas which are indeed unreachable.

Solve your sweating pipe troubles with the Steam Pipe insulations and you'll never regret that you followed this advice. With the satisfying results, you will even recommend it to your fellow homeowners as well.