Heat Pipe Insulation Functions



Proper pipe insulation of your plumbing pipes offers many great benefits beyond keeping them from freezing. Investing in insulated heating pipes can impact your home or building's safety and efficiency in a positive way. No one wants frozen pipes every time the cold weather sets in. When pipes freeze, the water in them turns to ice and expands which can cause great damage to your plumbing system. Furthermore, non-insulated pipes burst and break under extreme pressure, which can likely cause extensive and expensive damage that could otherwise be prevented with proper insulation. Therefore, insulated heating pipes not only keeps your plumbing system from freezing, but they also help you save a great deal of money (and worry) on utility bills and system upkeep. The following are only some of the most unsung benefits of using insulated heating pipes in your home, see as follow.

1. Insulated pipes help minimize heat gain and loss. When water travels through your non-insulated plumbing lines, hot water tends to lose heat, while cold water tends to gain heat. However, proper pipe insulation greatly diminishes these inefficiencies and helps you reap real benefits like reduced monthly energy bills from preventing long waits for hot water to reach your kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

2. Plumbing insulation also helps control condensation. When plumbing pipe surfaces are a lot cooler than the surrounding air, insulation can help control condensation, which if left unchecked, could potentially corrode pipes and fittings. This may eventually lead to a massive failure in your plumbing system. Uncontrolled condensation may seem like a minor, remote concern, but it is not uncommon and is often the cause piping failures.

3. The only time when pipe insulation would be counter intuitive would be in radiant heating/cooling loops, where it may actively work against the system design. Otherwise, using insulated heating pipes offers extreme benefits in terms of energy savings, safety, and peace of mind. While insulated plumbing may cost more initially, the long-term benefits far outweigh the additional price you will have to pay for these kinds of installations.

To make sure that you are getting all the benefits and the best value for your insulated piping investment, make it a point to find a supplier or contractor that you can trust. While installing insulated pipes isn't an extremely complex task to tackle, hiring help might help you save a great deal of time and cost, as you eliminate guess work and speed up the process.