Pipe Insulation is Important


Abst: As far as we know, pipes which used with a great deal in homes and buildings serve as passage ways for hot or cold, where insulation is a must. And good insulation keeps heat in and out in certain conditions to maintain an ideal temperature. Generally speaking, there are three main functions of insulating pipes.

        Firstly, it can effectively preventing water in pipes from freezing. During winter, the weather will freeze the water in pipes outside a house or building, which can cause the pipes clog up and then leading to bursting pipes. Pipe insulation will ensure that water runs lukewarm or hot according to the setting that you choose. It will also save you from the additional repair replacement costs of pipes.

Secondly, insulating pipes can prevent heat transfer or heat loss. If your home or building has centralized heating, pipe insulation undoubtedly will prevent the heat loss which can lead to higher electric bills and more CO2 emissions. Your central heating system will exert less effort in order to maintain an ideal water temperature in the pipes.

Well, safety measure is the last function of insulating pipes. You know, heated pipes have high temperature, this is why they should be lined with an insulative material not just on the interior but also on the exterior. Pipe insulation can validly avoid accidental scalding.

In general, pipes are often insulated by using fiberglass and foam lining for thermal insulation. And the heat resistance depends on the thickness of the fiberglass and foam used. The types of foam typically used are made from rigid phenolic, polysocyarunate, polyethylene, and polyurethane. When come in contract with high heat or fire, these substances, together with fiberglass, will not emit or leak toxic-by products.

Besides, you must seek professional helps for your pipe insulation. Insulation materials are usually standardized to ensure safety. What is more, surface area, thermal conductivity and density are all important aspects which need to be taken into consideration when browsing for insulative materials. Therefore, if your pipes at home are not yet insulated and you live in a region with a cold climate, you’d better hire a professional plumber or heating engineer to perform the insulation.

However, pipe insulation naturally wears off over the years. As a result, before winter comes, it is necessary for you to check your pipes and to see if anything needs to be fixed. This could be a leaky pipe, substance buildup, or a worn-out insulation. Anyway, taking precautions can always be a right thing.