Some of the Most Popular Technologies Used in Buried Pipeline



There is a wide network of cables going underneath the earth which includes gas, TV, telephone cables, etc. For locating your buried pipelie cables you have to select proper cable locating services that can facilitate you cost-effective and optimum services. Before choosing anything else you have to look out for the ideal utility locator. Nowadays a cable locator can be easily found at very affordable prices. With the help of these tools you can get efficient results.

Here are some of the most popular technologies used in locating underground pipes in your area.

Ground probing radar

Ground probing radars are very effective in accurately locating the placement of pipes underground as they have already proven their worth on locating above ground. This device however is a complex technique to use. This requires the use of complex technology and image interpretation that not only requires the cost of the device but also the skills needed to interpret the data results. Although very useful, this is not often considered and effective everyday tool because of its size, cost, and difficulty of use.

Acoustic location

This technique if popular and often used in locating leaks in water lines. Through the years, technology has evolved and has developed a more advanced way to locate buried water pipes. This technique however is only applicable for use in locating plastic water pipes although there is a progressive technology to help this become applicable for use in locating plastic gas pipes.

Infrared imaging

The temperature of buried pipes is different as to that of the soil surrounding them. Other factors however can alter the temperature of the pipes, making this technique not a very ideal option to provide accurate results.


Perhaps, the oldest method of locating underground water is dowsing. Aside from having very low cost as compared to other devices and techniques and very easy to handle, dowsing doesn't have any other advantage other than these.

Electromagnetic location

Electromagnetic location is the most innovative and accepted technology for locating and tracing buried pipes which was not seen in any locator technologies in the past years.