Engineer-Procure-Construct contracting projects ·

Engineer-Procure-Construct contracting projects

General project contracting is the key strategic business of our company. We are qualified of project designing, general project contracting and Pre-fabricated insulated ducts of AX level, and have a complete business chain from products development, design, purchase, manufacture, construction. And we can guarantee good communication, lower costs, on schedule, quality improvement, on heat pipes of middle and small sizes particularly, our company has distinctive advantages.


Pressure piping engineering design·

Pressure piping engineering design

Our design covers industries such as: municipal utility, petrol, pharmacy, textile, cement etc, and is able to design pressure pipes and thermal engineering. With highly efficient design implementation, management, and service capability, and a professional design team with 10 people, 6 various project design professions, qualified of GB, GC, GD pressure pipe design approved by state quality inspection bureau.

The advantageous field of our company is heat pipe design of small and medium size, incorporated with 20 year's project design experience and more than 10 year's production experience of pre--designed insulated ducts to make sure of the design scheme.

Pressurized pipes & vessels engineering installation·

Pressurized pipes & vessels engineering installation

Our company has several qualifications for general contracting of equipment installation project, general contracting of chemical & petrol project, professional contracting of anti-rust and insulated projects, professional contracting of power transmission projects etc, and has the ability to construct, maintain and reconstruct supporting projects such as: petrol, chemical, textile and central heating pipelines etc.

Our company has been engaging in pressure pipes for more than 20 years, and has rich experience on project construction, management, with advanced technology and excellent team, taking distinctive advantage in this field.

Our company also positively engages in the construction of foreign projects. We have gained PRC qualification for oversea project contracting, and set up Vietnam office, and construct several pressure pipes and pressure vessels.

Prefabricated insulation pipe manufacturing·

Prefabricated insulation pipe manufacturing

Our company mainly produces Pre-fabricated insulated pipes and fittings for heat pipelines, about 10 derivatives and 3 series, as well as independent research and production capability, Wanli's splendid performance and its technical level and industry professionalism have gained universal recognition. Equipped with modern plants, advanced processing facilities and computer management system, annual production capacity of 300 km/year for hear pipes, Wanli provides more diverse and customized products for customer needs.